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Domain Names, July 2003

These domains, also known as the "top level domain" or "domain extension" were originally used for designating the purpose of a site. Dot com was for commercial sites, .net was for a network related site, .org was for organizations and .gov was for the government. There are several others, but you get the idea. Unless you work in the government, you can't have a .gov domain. Most of the others can be acquired for any purpose. By far the most common is .com. As a matter of fact, people entering a domain name, also known as a URL (uniform resource locator), will many times enter .com out of habit, although they are trying to reach one of the others. That narrows our field of preferred choices.

We want something short and easy to remember in the .com domain. SomethingEasyToRemember.com. In this example, "SomethingEasyToRemember" is known as the bottom domain. When you select a domain name, you need to select both, so from here on we'll simply discuss them as one entity, the domain name. Choosing a name that has something to do with your business will assist greatly in making it easy to remember.

For example, a name such as LotionLady.com pretty much fills the bill. You can guess that it's a woman that sells lotion/skin care. In contrast, my domain name DrTandem.com is a good example of what not to do.   Continued>>>