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Images for the Web, August 2003

After some experimenting, I decide that 20 kb is a reasonable size. It still gives you a detailed view of the dragonfly without taking too long to load. So, from 1760 x 1168 at 6 meg to 334 x 244 at 20 kb. Here is the finished product:

Dragonfly compressedThe basic points in using images on the internet are:

Crop your image when possible to keep the focus where you want it.

Don't use the dimension elements of the image tag to size your image. Use your image editing software.

Compress the image's file size to as small as possible while retaining as much visual quality as possible.

Create thumbnails that link to the larger image.

DrTandem® is Dan Prinzing, a freelance webmaster specializing in affordable custom websites for small businesses. He is located in the coastal community of Encinitas, north of San Diego.