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SEF - Search Engine Friendly, July 2004

Search engines, such as Google, have become so sophisticated that such SEO techniques are no longer valid. What I do as SEO is making a website search engine friendly. There are no guarantees that you will be placed highly. "Search engine friendly" or SEF (remember, you read it here first), simply means that there are no barriers to the search engines such as "splash pages", frames, and source code that prohibits search engine robots. Furthermore, images need coding (alt attribute), so that they can be indexed by the search engines. The content must incorporate words that would commonly be used by someone generically searching for what your site has to offer.

Many SEO firms claim they will "find" the perfect keywords for your site's content. You can probably determine this on your own, if you know your business and audience. Sure, they can see what phrases get the most "hits." Again, you can do this yourself using free on-line services or just enter the keywords into a search engine such as Google and it will tell you how many pages relate to that term. Continued>>>